What causes silver to tarnish?

Sterling silver starts off bright and shiny, but as it’s used and enjoyed it will eventually start tarnishing; the surface will turn a slight yellow, and if not cleaned it the piece will gradually shift from yellow to a black. Cheap gold pandora charms,This discoloration is the result of oxidation and is caused primarily by two things: contact with sulfur compounds, and moisture.

Technically hydrogen sulfide causes the reaction, and it’s found in lots of everyday objects like wool, rubber, and foods like eggs and onions. Excessive exposure to items containing hydrogen sulfide will accelerate the tarnishing process so if you’re working with these things be sure to take off your Pandora jewelry first! The second cause of tarnishing is moisture — exposure to excessive moisture will hasten the oxidation process just like sulfur, except that it’s a lot more difficult to completely avoid moisture. Proper storage will help minimize this while you’re not wearing your Pandora jewelry, but the simple act of wearing your bracelet or necklace means that your pieces are slowly tarnish.

But don’t worry, tarnishing is a natural effect and is not permanently harmful to the silver. In fact, Pandora actually uses this as a detailing technique on many of their sterling silver pieces!